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Our Philosophy is What Makes Us Different

Listen – Advise – Act.

Most Americans are highly educated by world standards. Yet there is little formal education in the myriad of personal financial decisions we make through the years. As a result, most of the financial advice we receive comes from well-meaning friends and family, the media or those who sell financial products. While financial products have become more powerful and innovative they haven’t gotten easier to understand.

So, over the years we accumulate financial products…insurance…investments…retirement accounts…and more, often from a variety of different advisors. It’s not unusual to spend more time with advisors when purchasing financial products than we do reviewing our progress “after the sale.” Often we lose touch with our original advisors through our own geographic moves or when advisors leave the business. As a result, we may own financial products that no longer meet our current needs or don’t fit the current economic environment.

For most people there’s no single advisor who knows and understands all the financial products you own or how they’re working together to achieve your goals. Without a trusted advisor, who really knows us, we’re left with not knowing who to believe or how competing views affect our situation. For many it’s easier to just forget about it….or deal with it later. Is it any wonder that studies show Americans spend more time planning their annual vacation than they do figuring out how to retire and maintain their standard of living in retirement.

The financial professionals at Wealth Protection Strategies, through Prudential Financial Planning Services, believe that our clients can make smarter financial decisions if they’re presented with unbiased and easy to understand financial information and strategies that relate to their entire financial situation and goals. You can rely on us to show you both what’s working and what needs to be done to reach your life’s goals regardless of the financial products you own or where you obtained them. We’ll also help you monitor your progress through regularly scheduled reviews.