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Our Ideal Client


Our ideal client wants to know exactly where they stand financially and what it will take to reach their financial goals.With a clear view of the future our ideal client isn’t afraid to take action to reach their goals including a willingness to spend less and save more in order to increase the probability of reaching their financial goals. Our ideal client understands that most strategies fail because they focus only on financial return and don’t spend enough time adequately considering financial risk.

Our ideal client wants to know what’s going on but isn’t a do-it-yourselfer who enjoys studying markets and financial products. Our ideal client is prepared to invest meaningful time upfront but doesn’t want to have to spend an inordinate amount of time on an on-going basis. As a result we provide regularly scheduled and structured progress meetings that allow our clients to go about their lives while periodically being briefed on their financial progress. Immediate financial concerns are brought to our client’s attention when they happen outside these regular briefings.

Wealth Protection Strategies was created to serve the successful retiree with more interests than time and the working age professional or business owner with a busy work and family life. Our ideal client expects a high degree of personal attention in a casual and relaxed environment.