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The Art of Financial Navigation


It’s your strategy. So the Art of Financial Navigation begins with carefully crafted questions…and then listening…to you. Not just about finances.

About life goals. Priorities. Values. Family. Charities. Community. Your legacy.

Where do you want to be by when? To set the proper course you’ll want to see the destination clearly.

The result of active listening is an agreed upon set of goals and assumptions. The "map" created by your strategy allows you to measure the likelihood of reaching your destination…as well as the impact that course changes may have on your ability to reach your destination.

The professionals at Wealth Protection Strategies listen carefully before they speak. They understand before they provide strategies. They research thoroughly before they recommend action. They become your guide on a mutual journey to your life’s dreams.


Once your destinations are determined you can plot the courses available to reach them. Through Prudential Financial Planning Services we provide optional pathways and you choose those with which you are most comfortable.

The advice is objective, unbiased, based on years of experience. There is no allegiance to any one course so you have the option of choosing from many.

Each route has a possible outcome based on a variety of factors. We understand your tolerance for risk and align it with the strategy that fits. The Art of Financial Navigation becomes most important when storms brew.

We help you with regular course updates and recommend changes necessary to keep you on track. We advise based on you and your goals, nothing else.


Even the best strategy fails if it isn’t implemented with precision. How many ships with sound navigation never leave port? Wealth Protection Strategies helps you set sail by providing you with choices: choice of products, and a choice of companies.

You’ll know up front all the details and costs. You’ll have vast resources at your disposal, with Wealth Protection Strategies keeping an ever-mindful eye on your goals and destination.

It’s the best of both worlds: the Art of Financial Navigation where objective recommendations and clear choices focus only on you.